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The Beautiful People

The lovely and young Evan Rachel Wood and long term boyfriend Marilyn Manson partied the night away at Bar 1200 at The Sunset Marquee Hotel in West Hollywood, California. According to sources, the couple were still celebrating her birthday which happened a few days ago. Marilyn Manson came out of the party to breath some fresh air and told our photographer that he was going to come out with Evan to pose for some photos. Evan Rachel Wood came out wearing a twenties style white dress with leggings. She wore a red cross and looked very sultry. Marilyn Manson wore an all black outfit with sunglasses at night. What do you think of this couple?

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3 мая '96

1 и 2 часть

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Мэнсон на премьере какого-то фильма с Эван



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читать дальше


За день до премъеры ей исполнился 21 год. Теперь она может пить спирное. :rules:

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Marilyn Manson In Kerrang! Magazine

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Posted by Norsefire on 29 Aug

Manson is featured in the news of this weeks issue of Kerrang!
Magazine. The article covers the latest news of Marilyn Manson's new
guitarist Wes Borland. A scan from the magazine can be viewed below.

Click Image To Enlarge

Source: Kerrang! Issue No 1225 / Aug 30 2008 - On Sale Now

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Marilyn Manson’s Satanic Nazism

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Marilyn Manson on ETP Festival 2008 Line Up (Korea)

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Marilyn Manson has been listed in the line up for the Korean music festival ETP 2008. August 14 - 15.

An advert for the ETP festival 2008 also includes Marilyn Manson.

судя по слухам мм могут исполнить новые песни уже на предстоящем фестивале.

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There's Something About ... Marilyn?!

only thing scarier than having schlock rocker Marilyn Manson on your
flight -- the fact that photogs barely noticed big A-list star Cameron
Diaz walking behind him at LAX on Sunday! The dope show, indeed!
Marilyn Manson and Cameron Diaz
the long black mane, shades, five inch heels and heavy pancake
foundation had the paps thinking it was actually Cher instead of
Manson. Believe!

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This is good, Marilyn Manson promises new country album

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Although some think the moveis a bit of a stretch, Reba McEntire, who duets with him on his firstcountry album explains: "Well, here I was sitting by my lonesome athome, looking out the winder, when ol’ Marilyn Manson calls me up andsays ‘Ms McEntire, would you like to do a duet with me on my nextalbum?’ So I says to Mr Manson,Now you wouldn’t be pulling a prank on little ol’ Reber would you, andhe said no, he’s serious, he was so inspired by the work I did withKelly Clarkson he wanted to see if he could do as good even though he’skind of more of a punk feller he is actually a big fan of blue grassand country. I told him if you ain’t yeller let’s get ‘er done!"

MrManson sees the change in genres as a natural: "Talking to Reber, Imean Reba, really clarified my participation in country as the nextnatural step in my musical evolution. I have to admit, the nihilismthing is getting a little old. It’s time for me to come back to earth alittle while and communicate about things like cornbread and chicken(I’m a big fan of Allen Jackson, by the way.)

Manson’s lyrics on the new album are fascinating. He bridges the gap by delivering a transition rendition of an old song with the following lyrics:

Beautiful People! Beautiful People!
Rascal Flatts, doesn’t rhyme with steeple!

Manson’s version of country is also tender at times, such as in his song "Party Tractor"

I guess I was a little high
I guess you are a little dead
Sorry that I did some acid

and drove the John Deere over your head

Andas for Manson’s new appearance? "It’s been my toughest challenge. Ifound out that a cowboy hat made out of human skin would be illegal.I’m still working on that one."
Tune in later for more fascinating updates

H. Bun

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Marilyn Manson and Twiggy Ramirez on Loveline

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спасибо Тризу за аплоад :chup2:

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В записи седьмого альбома примут участие Kerry King и James Iha. Сам альбом выйдет в ноябре этого года.
А в этом месяце вроде должен был выйти концертник.

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Эван как причина развода

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Эван Рэйчел Вуд отрицает слухи о том, что она явилась причиной развода Мэрилина Мэнсона и Диты фон Тиз:

Я видела блоги, где меня называют шлюхой, говорят, что я должна сдохнуть.
И все только потому, что я влюблена. Видимо, мы оба должны пройти через
все эти испытания, чтобы доказать силу нашей любви. Люди говорят, что
связавшись с Мэрилином, я потеряла себя, но на самом деле я себя нашла.

Эван стала встречаться с Мэнсоном в начале этого года, сразу после его
развода. Однако в разводном иске, который подала Дита, черным по белому
значились причины развода: демоны и интрижка на стороне.

Источник: IMDB

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Вуд сказала что абсент Мэнсона убойный. Типа с первой рюмки сносит крышу, а с третьей ты мертв. Кто-то предположил что это и обясняет цвет ее волос.

Еще появился есть слух что Мэнсон клонирует всех своих женщин, а данный эксперимент всего лишь Эван фон Тиз %)


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Мэнсон в галерее Марата Гельмана

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Видео Ксении Дековой.

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