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круть ))))

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люди, вопрос к тем, кто следит за прессой по ММ, отеч. или нет, неважно
В каких журналах мелькали статейки о воссоединении Твигги/Мэнсона, желательно с новыми фотками?

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переведите это интервью плиииз!

Not long ago you had ruled out the possibility of working with Twiggy Ramirez again, going so far as to say that you didn't have much in common as friends anymore. Why the change of heart, and how did your reunion with your long-term friend and collaborator materialize?

Reflecting on last year, I have to say that it was a big deal for me to stay up and count down the moments until “6 am Christmas morning...” I had waited a year to be able to actually sing that. I was with Evan, Rudy – my friend, the magician – and I was with Twiggy. There were a few other assholes that managed to squeeze themselves in the room, but I kicked them out. They didn’t have the right to be in the same room when our experience took place. It wasn’t our first moment of reuniting, but it was the first time we actually got to talk.

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офигенное по видимому интервью. я начала читать.
но я очень плохо знаю англ...

кто может перевести?????

плиз!!!! :beg: